NEW BUTCH - Spring Summer 2019

“New-Butch” is an ethereal combination of traditional manliness mixed with nurturance, empathy and love. It represents todays “All- Access” contemporary society by merging utility and fantasy with compassion.

The new collection is a reorganization of the urban wardrobe that appeals to the global agenda of “oneness”, where there are no borders and functionality is key. It creates a distinctive visual language combining pop and romanticism that is free from constraints and pre-set norms by using a mix of form, color and materials, depicting a sense of eclecticism.

The essentials of a city wardrobe are backed by versatility. Our three-way trench coat plays between utility and fascination with macro stitch details and high slits to ensure spontaneous movement. Large florals, ethnic patchwork print on Japanese silk, vivid magical stripers, industrial twills and heavy textured taffeta with detailed handcrafted embroideries in pop colors completes the look.

The vibe transforms seamlessly from day to night, highlighting detachability at a mental and physical level. We prepare to embark on an eternal journey, part “ancestral” part “futuristic” building a combination of new traits.