Multiple genres, cultures, and traditions come together in this eclectic blend of eccentricity and convention, spiced with a contemporary twist on individuality. Our Spring Summer 2018 collection portrays a clever mix of tribal patchwork from Africa to elements from the costumes worn by the geishas of Japan, backed by functionality. The collection is inspired by the current generation’s uncontrollable urge to overthrow the establishment and defeat the suffocating norm with their alternative vision of the world.  The designs concentrate on the DIY concept, making the pieces versatile and suited for everyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. From vintage florals to fiery stripers and waxed Nappa, this collection goes beyond the ordinary and celebrates an individualistic sense of fashion and awareness.

 It’s all about self-expression and creating your own tribe – unbound, uncaged, unlimited.

The collection utilizes multiple weights of crepe, custom made double face techno jersey to waxed nappa and fine merino wool paired with classic stone washed poplins.