COMBAT. | Spring Summer 2017

Its like living in a painting by Richard Estes. They are prepared for the approaching revolution, to take charge and combat. With focus on power shoulders, the collection defies the concept of reality and celebrates freedom at an individual level. This army of women is prepared for battle at a physical and subconscious level. Contrasting elements are mixed coming from the boxing arena and the red carpet with handcrafted details, a play of textures and the approach in general remains “bold”.

The silhouette cinches at the waist and expands the shoulder, giving rise to a more contemporary yet angular version of the hourglass with a mix of lengths from short to floor length. The collection uses multiple fabrics including exclusive custom-made textiles. From techno metallic jersey to bonded linens mixed with multiple silks in velvet and with satin finishes balancing it all with PU coated Japanese cottons.

Attention to detail and intricate handcrafted florals compliment the large floral print along with our classic skater skirts from the continuing collection.

This season, oversized biker jackets, wrap skirts, classic skaters skirt, padded shoulders and large cover coats become the key pieces in a varied palette from flaming orange to metallic pinks and summer lavender.