The new “mind-set”, full of bright young things, wishing to overthrow the establishment with their alternative vision of the world: post nostalgic and rose tinted, part broken and towards post-punk.

It focuses on individuality, attempting to create alternative scenes. The collection puts forth a 1980’s underground vibe, like leaving the infamous parties in London hosted by Steve Strange and going straight to work. It comprises of multiple belief systems: new and old, historical figures or even a future world. Each look retains the purpose to inspire or provoke, engage or enrage and to share the common aim “to create” an alternative landscape fuelled by simple desires. It revolves around the concept of putting things together, belonging to multiple genres, similar to creating a look from secondhand shops, army and navy surplus finds or simply knocked up on the sewing machine backed by individualistic taste with a sense of detachment and decisiveness.

There is a pop of color paired with tartan textures in print, mixed with large foliage.  A palette of acid, balanced with the navy blues completes the palette.  Patched pleating, encrusted corset belts with lace fastenings and bejeweled caps add the right amount of sparkle. Outerwear remains fairly long with adjustable belts at waist creating hybrid versions.

Texture remains of prime importance. From rough to satin smoothness, all mixed together to revolve around the “D.I.Y” concept. The collection combines multiple moods: evening, work, lounge and disco referring to personalized ideation as preferred by the new “mind-set”. Flouncy dresses in crepe with hand embroidered leather flowers, adjustable sweatshirts, front slit pants, mesh details and acid washed jeans complete the story.

The approach is anarchic and irreverent; it’s about individuality and its personal.